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About Us

Company Background

Founded in 2002 and led by Margie Satinsky, MBA, Satinsky Consulting, LLC provides strategic and operational assistance to medical practices in all specialties. Our track record of innovation and collaboration combined with a strong network of expert consulting resources ensures that our clients receive thorough problem diagnosis and sound advice.

Our Approach

Satinsky Consulting, LLC is committed to helping medical practices achieve excellence in multiple aspects of practice management. Our broad focus includes structure and management, financial strength, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, disaster planning, operational efficiency, human resources and information technology – all in the support of high quality patient care.

Successful practice management depends on teamwork, both within a medical practice and between the practice and external professionals. With a reputation for sound judgment, fairness and open and timely communication, Satinsky Consulting excels at working effectively with physicians and other caregivers, administrative staff, insurers, regulatory agencies and other healthcare professionals.

The teamwork concept applies to Satinsky Consulting as well as to our clients. Like physicians, we specialize. If we can’t meet your needs, we refer you to trusted colleagues in our large network of professionals so you can work directly with them. Our business partners include attorneys, CPAs, graphic artists, web programmers, marketing experts, IT support, bankers and real estate associates who can help you find office space.

Marjorie has an eye for details. She made sure the final product (from the web site to the employee handbook, to the practice policies) was consistent, professional, and reflected my practice philosophy.

Rochelle Brandon, MD

Brandon Gynecology Associates, Charlotte, NC

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